Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Petsa de Peligro

Are you an employee? If your answer is yes, then this is possibly who you are.

You are an employee if you are living in the rat race. You are living in the rat race because you are always chasing the next pay day so you can pay your bills. You are an employee if most of the time you complain about your pay check. You complain because you think the Human Resource personnel missed out one of your overtime pay. You also complain because you think the HR personnel deduct too much on your pay check for the tax. You also probably complain about the benefits that your employer provides you. And along the way, you always fell on the same date of the month, petsa de peligro. This is the time where in you are already borrowing money from your friends because you are running out of money to go to your office. And even if you get promoted or you had your annual increase your pay check always seems not enough for you.

Did you ever ask your self when will these stop? Well the answer is when you get fired or you retire and become a bum. Of course it’s not a good way to escape the rat race.

If you’re going to look closely in the whole picture there are many things to escape the rat race. First is to have a regular lifestyle check and make sure that as you get promoted and have an increase you also do not have a promotion on the not so needed things and vices in your lifestyle. Make sure that as your salary increases your expenses is not also increasing. Second is to look for opportunities on building a passive income that can help you with your bills. As on the book of Robert kiyosaki “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, those who have the mindset of the rich wouldn’t experience petsa de peligro because the money is the one working for them.

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