Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Petsa de Peligro

Are you an employee? If your answer is yes, then this is possibly who you are.

You are an employee if you are living in the rat race. You are living in the rat race because you are always chasing the next pay day so you can pay your bills. You are an employee if most of the time you complain about your pay check. You complain because you think the Human Resource personnel missed out one of your overtime pay. You also complain because you think the HR personnel deduct too much on your pay check for the tax. You also probably complain about the benefits that your employer provides you. And along the way, you always fell on the same date of the month, petsa de peligro. This is the time where in you are already borrowing money from your friends because you are running out of money to go to your office. And even if you get promoted or you had your annual increase your pay check always seems not enough for you.

Did you ever ask your self when will these stop? Well the answer is when you get fired or you retire and become a bum. Of course it’s not a good way to escape the rat race.

If you’re going to look closely in the whole picture there are many things to escape the rat race. First is to have a regular lifestyle check and make sure that as you get promoted and have an increase you also do not have a promotion on the not so needed things and vices in your lifestyle. Make sure that as your salary increases your expenses is not also increasing. Second is to look for opportunities on building a passive income that can help you with your bills. As on the book of Robert kiyosaki “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, those who have the mindset of the rich wouldn’t experience petsa de peligro because the money is the one working for them.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Poor

Poor people are poor because they have a poor mindset. It is not because they belong to a poor government that they are also poor. It is also maybe because they had poor judgments on the early days of their lives. Poor education doesn’t really result to a poor life when you grow old. Having poor parents doesn’t mean that you will also die poor. There is this saying that “It’s not your fault when you are born poor, but it is your fault when you die poor”. Being a poor kid doesn’t mean that you also have poor chances to be wealthy. Having the mindset of the poor people will make you poorer.

The mindset of the rich people has a “how” on the beginning of their thoughts. Like “how can I have that”, “how can I afford that”. While on the other hand the poor peoples thought starts with “I can’t”. Having “I can’t” on your mind will make you stop thinking of ways to reach for your goal or dream. Having “how” on your mind makes you think of ways on how you will reach your dream or goal.

                Being poor or rich is not about your financial status. It’s about your mindset. If you have the mindset of the rich and you’re down financially, you will not be there forever. But if you have the mindset of the poor, don’t expect anymore that you can get out on the trap that you’re in.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Turning your sorrow into treasured gold

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins or “Adele”, is a multi awarded British singer. Her songs were very popular in different countries around the world; most of them are on the top of the list in each country. Her songs are mostly about being broken hearted; this is mainly because of her past experiences in love. As of now her single “Rolling in the Deep” from the album “21” had sold 2 million digital copies in the USA topping her previous best selling single “Chasing Pavements”. And if you want to know why it is well accepted just watch the video below.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Accidents Happens: Transformers The Dark Of The Moon (Bumblebee Crash)

     On October 11, 2010, while filming a chase scene at 3rd Street and Maryland Avenue, SW, a Washington DC Metropolitan Police K9 Unit SUV struck the Camaro that portrays Bumblebee in the film. The area had been closed off by the DC police, and it is not clear why the SUV was there. Both drivers were uninjured, but the Camaro was severely damaged.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

The most “kawawa” radio station

One night while I’m on a bus heading home from office, I was so bored and sleepy. The traffic along the way and the heat of the city just adds up on the stress that I’m into. And listening to the music on my mp3 won’t help anymore because of the few songs on it and I was almost listening to it everyday. So I decided to try the radio and hope it would help me from the boredom on the bus and stress from the heat of the city. While browsing the stations, I can’t help it but notice that most of stations are just the same. There are stations that plays music that are for masses (novelty songs) while the DJ’s are having fun talking with their listener’s love issues. While on the other hand there are some stations that plays music for certain genre. But there is a station 99.5RT that plays new songs which they call “up and coming music”.  And the name of the their program during primetime is The Disenchanted Kingdom. The DJs of the program claim that they are the most pitiful station on air. But I bet to disagree because there’s a lot of interesting portions on their show like ODK ( Oh Diyos Ko) ‘the only pangmasa segment sa sosyal na station’. Plus there is this very funny games that they play like ‘pinoy na pinoy’, ’gaano kakawawa ang 99.5RT’ etc. It is so funny that sometimes I don’t realize that I’m already laughing in the bus just by myself. And also add to their very interesting show the interesting topics that they talk about, topics about anything and everything. Truly, this radio show makes me look forward to the end of my day and the traffic on the way.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Relax,take a starbucks

Have you guys experience the feeling of discomfort? You are just sitting on the office, waiting for the time to go home. But when you check the time it is still four hours to go. The air conditioner is working just fine. It is set on 19 degree Celsius. But your hands and feet are a little bit sweaty. Your foot is almost creating a beat of music on the floor. And you cannot almost focus on your work anymore. And then you suddenly check the office supplies from the main office of your company on the drawer. And you realize that there is something missing.
You are so disappointed because you just notice that you don’t have a tissue paper anymore. Then you check the comfort room and there is no tissue paper too. And after hours of muscle control, you noticed the used tissue paper of starbucks on your table. And it says on the tissue to please recycle. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

PH level

PH does not have the land mass of China or the USA. But PH is a country that has the capability to be competitive with those two countries economically. PH is an agricultural country, but it still imports agricultural products from other countries in which it should be the other way around. The PH is now competing with India on its BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry, capitalizing on the great market the western countries is offering. The leaders of PH are providing a program that supports the BPO industry. Programs like turning vast land mass into technological hub. Lands that is very fit for agriculture. And most probably these same leaders that provide this project will brag this program. This program not only helps the PH economically, but also serves as the leader’s investment for the next election.

Other than the BPO industry, the OFW’s (Overseas Filipino Workers) are the other source of income for the PH. The government benefits from the money that the Filipino workers abroad send to their family in the PH. This system gives life to the real estate industry in PH. But this system is also the cause for the so called “brain drain” in PH. OFW’s in PH is growing in number, and they are not just blue collar workers, they are also professionals like nurses, doctors, teachers, engineers etc.  And with these professionals, some of them earning much more than some of the leaders and government officials, I wonder why these honorable officials are not seeking greener pasture outside PH too. Maybe they are just that patriotic that they can’t leave there country and position for a double, triple or more of what they earn in PH, legally.
Turning PH in to a technological hub isn’t bad after all. I just hope that the leaders give priority and invest more on the natural resources that they have in their country. Because on what I see, those people that work in the agriculture industry are the one’s that are hungry.
Going abroad and seeking greener pasture or better future for their family isn’t that bad too. I just hope that OFW’s realize afterwards that being a professional and entrepreneur in your own country is much better than working abroad.
With the knowledge and talents that these people have, I really believe that someday PH will be competitive and be on top.