Tuesday, November 15, 2011

taking chances

Life is like a puzzle. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out the things that you’re dealing with. Most of the time you get confused if the moves that you’re doing is right or wrong. But life is about taking Risks. They say that the greatest risk in life is when you don’t take a risk at all. And yes I believe on that saying, because if you don’t take a risk at all you wouldn’t grow as a person. My father used to tell me that the troubles that we encounter in life are the one that molds as a person. These troubles are the ones that make us stronger if we survived it. As they say,”what won’t kill you will make you stronger. If you don’t undergo this troubles and failures you wouldn’t learn anything in life. You can’t learn everything from the book. They say that the best teacher in life is experience, and yes I can that it is true. In life you couldn’t win every time, sometimes you need to make those mistakes and failures for you to be a better person. But in our society, we have tended to look on the person from the mistakes that they have done in life rather than the things that they have learned from their mistakes. Giving a person a chance to prove that he has changed and learned his lessons is not bad at all; especially if we really know this person from a long time.  Giving them a chance will help them to stand up from the mistakes that they have done. Most of us learned from the mistakes we have made but only few get a chance to prove that they have changed.

Photo: http://elizabethhallphotoblog.blogspot.com/2011/03/second-chances.html