Monday, May 16, 2011

PH level

PH does not have the land mass of China or the USA. But PH is a country that has the capability to be competitive with those two countries economically. PH is an agricultural country, but it still imports agricultural products from other countries in which it should be the other way around. The PH is now competing with India on its BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry, capitalizing on the great market the western countries is offering. The leaders of PH are providing a program that supports the BPO industry. Programs like turning vast land mass into technological hub. Lands that is very fit for agriculture. And most probably these same leaders that provide this project will brag this program. This program not only helps the PH economically, but also serves as the leader’s investment for the next election.

Other than the BPO industry, the OFW’s (Overseas Filipino Workers) are the other source of income for the PH. The government benefits from the money that the Filipino workers abroad send to their family in the PH. This system gives life to the real estate industry in PH. But this system is also the cause for the so called “brain drain” in PH. OFW’s in PH is growing in number, and they are not just blue collar workers, they are also professionals like nurses, doctors, teachers, engineers etc.  And with these professionals, some of them earning much more than some of the leaders and government officials, I wonder why these honorable officials are not seeking greener pasture outside PH too. Maybe they are just that patriotic that they can’t leave there country and position for a double, triple or more of what they earn in PH, legally.
Turning PH in to a technological hub isn’t bad after all. I just hope that the leaders give priority and invest more on the natural resources that they have in their country. Because on what I see, those people that work in the agriculture industry are the one’s that are hungry.
Going abroad and seeking greener pasture or better future for their family isn’t that bad too. I just hope that OFW’s realize afterwards that being a professional and entrepreneur in your own country is much better than working abroad.
With the knowledge and talents that these people have, I really believe that someday PH will be competitive and be on top.


  1. what the government must do is to have genuine land reform and nationalize our industries
    by doing these job will be created; kaya may OFWs kasi walang trabaho dito sa 'Pinas...may 14M Pinoys na unemployed
    i think our gov't official will not think to seek greener pasture outside the in the Philippines kapag pulitiko ka matitiyak mo ang negosyo mo, lupa at iba pang pag-aari kasi nasa poder ka...
    the BPO industry ay saglit lang yan...what we need are the vital industries that will help the Pinoys na makaahon sa kahirapan
    thanks for the visit...hope to see you more

  2. tama ka kaibigan sa sinabi mo kapag pulutiko ka sigurado ka talaga sa katayuan mo sa buhay at nakaksigurado ka sa kinabukasan mo, kaya nga bagsak ang ekonomiya naten eh, kasi masyadong pinupulitika lahat ng bagay bagay bakit hindi nalang sila magtrabaho nga tapat at mahusay para sa kinabukasan nating lahat nang baway pilipino,,,

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