Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Relax,take a starbucks

Have you guys experience the feeling of discomfort? You are just sitting on the office, waiting for the time to go home. But when you check the time it is still four hours to go. The air conditioner is working just fine. It is set on 19 degree Celsius. But your hands and feet are a little bit sweaty. Your foot is almost creating a beat of music on the floor. And you cannot almost focus on your work anymore. And then you suddenly check the office supplies from the main office of your company on the drawer. And you realize that there is something missing.
You are so disappointed because you just notice that you don’t have a tissue paper anymore. Then you check the comfort room and there is no tissue paper too. And after hours of muscle control, you noticed the used tissue paper of starbucks on your table. And it says on the tissue to please recycle.